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Gorelick Gallery

The Harris Conference Center, located on Central Piedmont Community College's Harris Campus, unveiled the second Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery on January 27, 2015.

Through the generosity of Bill and Patty Gorelick, the Gallery showcases glass sculptures, pottery and two dimensional works from local and nationally recognized artists. In 2019, the Gallery features works from the collection of Dr. Larry Brady, and artist Jean Cauthen. Glass, wood, ceramic, paint, paper, fiber and metal are each featured in the exquisite compilation of 39 pieces, a representative selection from Larry Brady's collection of more than 500. Sharing his collection and educating others continue to inspire his love of art. ​ Jean Cauthen’s work is distinctive for its vivid but complex color relationships and joie de vivre. Beneath the color lies references to past artists, eras and movements, adding layers of meaning to her illuminated colors.

For more information on the Gorelick Galleries, please contact Robin Glenn.


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