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Green Initiatives

The Harris Conference Center is devoted to improving our environment and have facilitated a program to promote environmental responsibility, reduce the size of our carbon footprint and protect our natural resources. Below you will find a summary of the many ways HCC is helping to sustain and improve the environment in our community and beyond.

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  • Efficient management of the heat and air system as well as operation of lights based on activity in the building
  • Operate on a modified schedule in the summer months based on event needs to conserve energy
  • HVAC equipment, light bulbs and exterior windows are energy efficient
  • Recycle signage displayed throughout the conference center reminding guests to recycle
  • Paper products (housekeeping), printing paper and file folders are made from post-consumer fiber
  • General purpose cleaners contain less than 10% VOCs by weight and are non-phosphate, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Participate in Shred-it’s recycling program
  • Restrooms are equipped with auto flushers and water faucets to conserve water
  • All cardboard products, light bulbs and ink cartridges are recycled
  • December 2009 removed and recycled original carpet through Bonitz Flooring Carpet Reclamation Program
  • January 2013 replaced hot water heater with Energy-star certified energy efficient GeoSpring 50 gallon hybrid electric hot water heater

Food and Beverage:

  • Usage of china, glass and silver in standard food service
  • Usage of cloth napkins and table cloths whenever possible, when paper napkins are used they are made from post-consumer fiber
  • Recycle all aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles disposed of by groups with clearly marked recycling receptacles throughout the conference center
  • Use 5-gallon bulk water dispenser in break areas for groups in place of bottled water
  • Bulk Beverages: Iced Tea, Coffee & Water available for most events
  • Boxed lunch containers are compostable and/or recyclable


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