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Wildlife Habitat

Certified National Wildlife Habitat at Harris Conference Center

Central Piedmont Community College understands the importance of the environment and the delicate balance that needs to exist between man and nature. As a result of this understanding, CPCC has a Certified National Wildlife Habitat on all six campuses.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

Working with the National Wildlife Federation, the habitats were designed by CPCC's Futures Institute staff, teams at each campus, Student Services staff, instructors, campus ecology members and grounds keeping staff. In order to be classified as a Certified National Wildlife Habitat, the area must provide four essential elements to wildlife which are food, water, cover, and a place to raise their young. The long-term goal of the habitats is to provide ongoing educational opportunities in sustainable landscape practices using native plants, exhibiting that the low-maintenance areas can be established anywhere.

Harris Conference Center is very proud of our Certified National Wildlife Habitat. We have two areas on our campus, with the largest area located outside our hallway of windows, accessible by our beautiful balcony. The other area encompasses the front of our building and includes a reflecting pool, strategically placed benches, and year-round foliage from native plants. Our guests enjoy the use of both spaces, as they provide a quiet get-away in the midst of busy days.


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