Art Gallery

The Harris Conference Center is proud to showcase artwork throughout the building created by CPCC students, faculty and local artists on a rotating basis. Currently we are featuring works from local artist Windy O’Connor. Art on display may be available for purchase.  For more information, please contact Gallery Coordinator, Grace Cote

About the Artist


photo 1Abstract expressionist Windy O’Connor was born and raised in North Carolina. After acquiring a BA degree in Design from East Carolina university, she became passionate about expressing design concepts and compositions in a way that gave her a voice. However, it was not until after her children were in elementary school that she turned her attention to the easel. The interplay of thickly layered paint and never ending possibilities of mediums to convey a feeling on canvas is what drives her daily work. She has studied extensively with Andy Braitman and is known for her vibrant brushstrokes and broad use of color, which gives her work energy and drama. Windy is the recipient of the Art with Heart’s Emerging Artist Award for 2012. Her work is collected by art collectors and designers across the United States. Windy is a wife and mother and currently lives in Charlotte, NC. She is currently represented by Hidell Brooks Gallery in Charlotte, NC and the Atelier Gallery in Charleston, SC.


“Though I often work on large, non-representational abstracts, I always have a thought or feeling that I represent on the canvas. Many times it is a collection of visual memories or feelings. My goal is to convey a story through color, texture, marks, and movement. I will abstract many objects in a piece and convey emotions through the energy produced by my thick layers of paint and knife work. I love creating compositions with color blocking, lines, combinations, and rhythm of color. The act of painting is where I find the greatest joy! mostly, I am grateful to be able to practice the thing that I love until I am a very old lady.” -Windy O’Connor

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